Thursday, January 6, 2011

6.3 miles, 127 calories

Again...better than nothing, right?!

I am not loving the bike but maybe it will grow on me. We'll see....

I talked to Dave tonight and they have been working with their new team member who is from a different base. They get to practice with their robots and he said they have been doing really well as a new team. There are three guys on each team and they will get their FOB tomorrow. FYI: a FOB is a Forward Operating Base--to visualize this, think of the Kandahar base as the capital of the bases and the FOBs are like the little cities. They live/work/etc in the FOBs and return to the main base when they are on their "off" time. Hope that made some sense?!

Hopefully, he will get a developed FOB so they have decent beds, food, etc. Some of the FOBs are literally tents with cots. However, if he gets one of those he will likely be able to return to the main base more often. So, we will see?!! They still do not have a set date for arrival in Afghanistan. I will keep you all posted.

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