Friday, January 7, 2011

Black Bean Dip (EASY!)

I made a homemade dip for a party tonight. Normally, I would just go out and buy something because I really need to be doing about a million other things. However, we are low on the dough so I am attempting to take something that we already have here. I found some sourdough bread that was going to have to be tossed next week if not eaten and I got, from my stockpile....a can of black beans! I did a quick google search for "easy black bean dip" and found this!
I put a little extra cayenne, we didn't have onion powder for some reason, and I added about a 1/4 c. of sour cream (which made it MUCH better). I have it bagged up and ready for Melanie's Going Away Party tonight. It will be displayed in the beautiful dish below. Do you think they'll know who's it is ;-)


MelanieHansen said...

It was DELICIOUS!!!! and I knew right away who brought it!!!

Nicole said...

Great idea adding the sour cream! I think I'll give that a try! Thanks for the link back to my recipe :-)

Court, Dave, and Sully said...

Thank YOU, Nicole :-) It was a hit!