Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Thank You's...

I just completed writing 12 "Thank You" notes for the gifts I received before the Christmas break. I do not open my gifts in class, in front of other students, I wait and open them at home where I can really relish in the loving hearts of these kids. Some of these gifts were given by those who have so much, some were scraped together or handmade, some have even given me something of their own. As a teacher we all get lots of random gifts. Every year, it never fails, I get at least two coffee mugs. I have a huge collection of coffee mugs!! I was blessed with lots of Starbucks this year, which I LOVE!! I also got two pairs of fuzzy socks, three coffee mugs, hand soap, coffee, body scrub, sticky notes, a shawl, Christmas candles, a journal, books to add to my school library, note pads, bubble bath and a beautiful fish ornament! It was a good year ;-)

My favorite gift I got this year was, believe it or not, another coffee mug!! It was a little beat up but it did have a Christmas theme! I loved this particular mug because it was given to me by a student who has excelled this year but has a lot on their plate at home. I know this was a gift from the heart and I know that the family probably did not take the child to go get this. I think that it may have been a hand-me-down, which I love! This particular child has been through some stuff that I am not sure I am fully aware of. As teachers, you have a sixth sense about these kiddos. You can just tell that there is something more to some of them. This child has a HUGE heart and I love her for it. I hope that the other kids can realize this and can learn from it....I know, I have :-)

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