Monday, January 10, 2011

I'm a dummy!!

Ok, so I just realized that I had to give "permission" for your comments to appear!! So, with tears in my eyes, I just published them and thank you for all of your kind words :-) I appreciate some of you sticking with me for so long and I hope to keep you entertained with our lives!!

Secondly, I just biked 6.5 miles for 126 calories. So I burned off a couple (ahem...a handful) of
Recees...maybe?! I am thinking that I need to get some arm workout during this biking action. Have any of you purchased the Shakerweight? I am debating. I am biking for about 30 minutes each time and I think that I could work in a little shakerweight while I am doing that.

Dave update: He has been working late each day to train with his team. His daily schedule starts around 4:30 with PT, then classes and training until 7ish, they eat dinner at the base and then typically go on a run after, shower, and bed---then start all over again. They have also been working on Saturday! I say, the more the better!! Dave was not too excited about it but he knows that the better they can understand their robots (see below) and the more he can learn about his teammates the better off everyone will be if/when they have to face the scary stuff. Prayers!

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Life of Nhem said...

Prayers- Check!

Shakerweight- seriously funny. I think I have a video of Peter playing with one. If I find it I'll send it to you:)